Wednesday, 25 November 2009

OBI Publisher with empty OBI catalog

yesterday we installed OBI publisher in our development environment and today i was troubleshooting issue with config, integrating it with presentation service.
here is scenario:
1. creating report using BI answers as data source.
2. select the report you want to use. it gives empty BI Catqalog message.
on analysis, we found that it's calling saw_popup.jsp. for troubleshooting, we introduced few out.print statement. This inturn gave following error:
Bad envelop tag: HTML. this clearly indicates that it's related SSO.

siteminder is not supported by Oracle for marketing Integration. we suspected that it could be the same issue here as well. so we created a virtual path analytics_r which is unprotected by siteminder. at the same, it has access only to web, app server of analytics.

after making these changes, OBI worked fine.

Please note: virtual path unprotected is case sensitive.

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